✅ Fibaro HC2/HCL
✅ Fibaro HC3/HC3L

✅ Vera

✅ Ness/Elk M1


✅ Standalone

Push Notifications

You can now setup and send Push Notifications to your mobile phone, using the Pushover app and platform (more info on this platform can be found here). This is a paid app that you will need to buy to use the service, however it is available for a 7 day trial, so that you can fully test out the service in conjunction with the automationbridge.


You can now also configure any notification to send a web hook, or action a web url in addition to other notifications.

How to use the Notifications platform

You will find the notifications page, on the main header bar on the home page of the automationbridge.

Before you can send notifications, you must setup some destinations, these can be 

    - Google Assistant Speakers

    - Alexa Speakers

    - Sonos Speakers (Fibaro Only)

    - Push Notifications

    - Webhook/URL

To enable each destination, just click the Enable button in the relevant section, and then follow these guides.

    Setting up Pushover Notifications

    Setting up Google Assistant Voice Notifications (Fibaro HC2)

    Setting up Google Assistant Voice Notifications (Fibaro HCL)

    Setting up Google Assistant Voice Notifications (Vera)
    Setting up Alexa Voice Notifications

    Setting of Sonos Voice Notifications (Fibaro HC2 & HCL)

    Setting up Webhook/URL destinations

Once you have your destinations setup and ready, then you can continue setting up your notifications. Just follow these steps below, in this guide I have all available destinations enabled to show all options, depending on your platform some of these may not be available.

Step 1 - Click the Add button in the top section of the page, Notifications.

Step 2 - Select the trigger device or scene for this notification, and the announcement type (which can be a Text-To-Speech announcement, or an MP3 file to be played) and then click Next 

Step 3 - Select the state change that you want this notification to be actioned on, this will change based on the device type selected in Step 2.

Step 4 - Enter the notification alert text that is to be sent or announced, or if you have selected the MP3 option, upload the MP3 file.


Step 5 - Now select the destinations/actions to be executed, any combination can be selected.

You can also specify that the notification is only broadcast between certain times.

Now click the Add button to complete the addition of this notification. You will be returned to the Notifications page.

From here you can;

    Add more notifications.

    See all notifications that you have created.

    Test the notification (using the speaker icon)

    Edit and Delete the notification.

This completes the setup of a notification, at this time the following devices types are supported as triggers.

    - Switches/ Lights/ Dimmers/ RGBW : ON & OFF

    - Motion Sensors : Motion Detected / No Motion

    - Door/Window Sensors : Opened / Closed

    - Blinds : Opened / Closed

    - Barriers/Garage Doors/Gates : Opened / Closed

    - Temperature & Humidity Sensors : Value over threshold.

    - Scenes : Activation

    - Alarm : State Changes (ARM/AWAY/OFF etc)