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What is Home/Away Detection? This feature of the automationbridge allows you to load a small app (OwnTracks) onto your mobile phone, and this can then be used to run scenes automatically. For example, when you return home at night, turn on the lights, make an announcement via Google smart speakers, or turn off the lights and aircon when you leave home.

You will be able to specify scenes that are to be run when you enter/leave the home area, along with being able to specify scenes to be run when anyone arrives home, or when everyone has left home. Please note this is the first release of this new feature, if you encounter any issues then please log a support ticket.

Security Disclaimer : Please note that we DO store your location on our servers, so that we can create and push the config to your phone, and update this config when it changes. We DO NOT however store any GPS co-ordinates for your devices, we rely on the Owntracks app to inform our servers and subsequently your bridge each time you enter or exit the Home area.

To get started with this feature, just follow these steps.

Step 1 - Via the Settings page of the automationbridge, click the button to Enable,

Step 2 - Once enabled, this will be confirmed, click Next to select your location.

Step 3 - Select your location from the map on screen, zooming in to your location and then a single click will drop a Pin on the map, you can also adjust the detection radius, the default is 500m. Click the Set Location button when you are done.

Step 4 - You will returned to the Settings page, from here you can update your location/radius if you need to change/adjust it. For now we will click the button to Manage My Devices/Actions, here is where you setup each phone/device you wish to use.

Step 5 - Adding your first device, click the Add button at the top right.

Step 6 - Enter a name for this device, detection type will always be GPS. The Tracker ID will be automatically generated, this is a unique identifier for your device. Then select the scene you wish to run when arriving and leaving the Home area. Click Add Device when done.

Step 7 - Back on the Manage page, you will be able to adjust the scenes if you need to make changes, just pick from the list, they will be automatically updated and saved. By default on setup it will show your location as Unknown, this will update the first time you leave the Home area.

Step 8 - The initial status of the device is currently set to Unknown, just click the dropdown to set the current state. This dropdown can also be used to reset the state if its incorrect for any reason.

Now click the Setup button to proceed to setup your device, there are seperate instructions displayed for both iOS and Android.

Please select your device OS from the top selector, and then follow the guides below.

iOS :

Android :

Also on the Manage page, you can select the scenes you wish to run when anyone arrives, and also when everyone has left the Home area, just pick from the list, they will be automatically updated and saved.

You will also be able to see any entry/exit activity in the Bridge Log, showing who has arrived/left and the scenes that were actioned.

If you are running the Fibaro HCL or HC2 controller, there is extra functionality with a VD that can be created, for more info click here

If you are running the Fibaro HC3 controller, there is extra functionality with a QuickApp that is created as Binary Sensor, for more info click here