Step 1 - Download the OwnTracks app from the Google Play store onto your phone.

Step 2 - Open the application for the first time, and go thru the initial wizard, allowing the app to get the correct permissions, this will also register the app on your phone and allow you to import the configuration (below).

Step 3 - Now go back to the automationbridge and send the config file via email to your device.

Step 4 - Go to the email client on your phone, and open the email, and then click to open the attachment.

Step 5 - In the 'Open With' popup, select OwnTracks and then press on the ALWAYS link.

Step 6 - The configuration will now be shown, just click the Tick icon on the top right, this will start the import process.

Step 7 - Once the import has been process, you will be presented with a confirmation screen, just click the RESTART link to continue.

Step 8 - Now that the config has been imported, you will need to enter the password for the automationbridge account, this password is not included in the config file for security reasons, to do this just click the menu icon top left.

Step 9 - Choose the Preference link, at the bottom of the menu.

Step 10 - Choose the Connection link,

Step 11 - Next, choose the Identification link,

Step 12 - Enter the password for the automationbridge account, and then press the Accept link.

Step 13 - Now back on the main screen of the App, click the publish icon at the top right, this will then complete the setup of the location app, and load in your home location. This will be confirmed by the appearance of a filled in circle, with the Tracker ID as defined in the automationbridge.

Your setup is now complete, each time your phone/device enters or exits this region, an update will be sent to your automationbridge to action your chosen scenes.

If this location marker does not appear, please check that you have entered the correct password. 

This can also be verified by going to the menu of the Owntracks app, selecting the Status link, if this shows 'HTTP code 401' this means that the password is incorrect. A valid connection will return 'Response 200, 1'.

If there is another error code showing, then please log a support request to have this investigated.

We also recommend to check the Location settings on your device, to make sure that its to have access to the location always, not just when the app is in use (generally found in your phones Settings, Location, Owntracks, Permissions)