First of all connect the automationbridge PRO to your home network using the supplied network cable. Then connect the power supply, and press the power button on the front of the unit.

The automationbridge PRO will then automatically start up, please wait for 2-3 minutes for this to happen, then using a web-browser go to

You will then be prompted to register your device, this will then send you a verification email to complete the setup process, click the link in the email to finalise the setup and then you will be directed to the home page of the automationbridge.

Step 1 - Select C-BUS from the controller selection page.

Step 2 - Upload your project XML file, if you do not have this file, then using the C-BUS toolkit, connect to the C-BUS network, and then copy the project file from the clipsal/c-gate/tag folder. Enable the required voice services and other options as required, then click Next

Step 3 - Your project file will be processed, and validated. Please now complete the reboot.

Step 3 - When the reboot has completed, you will taken to the home page of the automationbridge, from here you can edit each device as required, setting its correct device type (by default all devices will be enabled as a Dimmable Light, as we are not able to determine the exact device type from the C-BUS network).

Here you will be able to define the device type, as either Relay/Switch, Light or Dimmable Light.

You can also define the room this device is in, to edit the rooms, just click the Edit Rooms link, and then you can add rooms as required. 

When done, go back to to edit the device and update as required.

Once you have configured all your devices, just enable them as required for the voice platforms of your choice, and then link the automationbridge account.

For Google Assistant - see this link

For Alexa - see this link

For iOS HomeKit - see this link

For the Voice platforms, the lights will be presented as such, however for the Switches, you can customise how these are presented, after you have enabled them from the home page, just go to each of the Voice platform and you will find a settings button beside the device type, click this and you can modify the presented device type to suit.

If you are using HomeKit, you will have extra options to present th as a Blind, Door Lock or Garage Door.