✅Fibaro HC3 (v5.040 or greater)
✅Fibaro HC2
✅Fibaro HCL

This guide assumes that you have already setup the 2N Intercom on your network.

This plugin is only available in the PRO version of the automationbridge, and supports the following features (where enabled on the intercom)

- Motion Detection

- Noise Detection

- Switch/Relay Control

You also need to make sure that the following settings have been updated in the 2N Intercom.

- The 2N Intercom must be licensed for Enhanced Integration & Enhanced Video.
- Under the Services/Streaming page, enable RTSP server, and set to H.264 and Anonymous Access.

- Under the Services/HTTP API page, set connection type to Unsecure (TCP) for all.
- Under the Services/HTTP API page, set Authentication for all except Camera API to Basic.
- Under the Services/HTTP API page, set Authentication for Camera API to None.

- Under the Services/HTTP API page, Create an account for the automationbridge on one of the Account 1-5 tabs, with all permissions as shown below.

Step 1 - Add the plugin via the Network Devices/Plugins page

Step 2 - Enter the connection details for the Intercom (please note that the details shown below are an example only, your's will be different), then click Next.

Step 3 - The automationbridge will then connect to your intercom, verify the settings, and if all correct the Fibaro Devices will be created, and the 2N Intercom updated with the required automations.

Step 4 - Click the OK button to proceed, you will be taken to the Settings page for the 2N Plugin. From here you can add/remove additional intercoms as required.

From here you can edit each Intercom, and specify the actions (scenes) that you want to run for each action event (motion, noise and button press). Just click the edit icon to the right, and update as required. (for example)

Now the Settings page will reflect these changes.

You will also find any of these action events will be recorded in the automationbridge logs, for example.

If you are running the Fibaro HCL/HC2 controller, you will find the following VD's have been created.

 Native Fibaro IP Camera Device

 Virtual Device, showing the status of the 2N Intercom. 

You will also find some global variables have been created, which can be used in scenes/logic, where 1 = MOTION/ON, 0 = NO MOTION/OFF

You will also find a VD for each of the enabled Switches (Relays) available on your Intercom.

These can also be enabled for your voice services, and will present as a switch device.

If you are running the Fibaro HC3 controller, you will find the following devices have been created.

Native IP Camera Device.

If you have motion and/or noise detection enabled, you will also have motion sensors added, these will display if motion or noise has been detected, and you can use these in scenes as triggers/logic steps.

You will also find some switch objects, these correspond to the switches in the intercom.

If you are using HomeKit/Siri, you will find that you can enable the recently added camera on the homepage, and then this camera will be available in the HomeKit app. See the second half of this article for more info on how to setup with HomeKit