✅ Fibaro HC3 (v5.040 or greater)
✅ Fibaro HC2

✅ Fibaro HCL

The Virtual Garage Door plugin will allow you to use a combination of Switch & Sensor devices, or a Fibaro Smart Implant as a native Garage Door object in either HomeKit or Google Assistant.

* Before you being this process, please make sure that you have your devices setup, you need to have one device to function as the actor (ie to emulate the button press on the Garage Door) and a second device to function as the sensor (to detect if the garage door is open or closed)

- Click here to see how to setup a Fibaro Relay & Door Sensor.

- Click here to see how to setup a Fibaro Smart Implant.

This guide assumes that you have already purchased the Virtual Garage Door plugin from within the automationbridge interface.

Step 1 -

Click on the Add button under the Virtual GD icon on the plugins page.

Step 2 - Select the Actor device (this is the switch object that is connected to the garage door opener), and then select the Sensor object (this is what tells the system what the current door state is)

Please Note : Only device types that are defined as Switches will show in the dropdown for the Actor, likewise only sensor device types will show in the Sensor dropdown.

Step 3 - Click Next and the Virtual GD will be created, you will be given a confirmation screen, showing the ID number of the device created in your Fibaro Controller, along with the global variable that can be used.

Click OK and you will be taken to the Settings page for the Plugin. From here you can add/remove Garage Doors and edit their configuration. If your sensor shows the incorrect state, ie OPEN when CLOSED, just edit the Door, and enable the Swap Sensor State setting. 

If you are using the Fibaro HC2/HCL controller, you will find the VD that has been created, this contains the status of the Garage Door, along with the action buttons to OPEN & CLOSE.

If you are using the Fibaro HC3 controller, you will find that a Switch device has been added (the HC3 does not yet have a Garage Door/barrier QA device type), where ON = OPEN and OFF = CLOSED, along with some extra status fields as below.

This new device can then be enabled for your Voice platform from the Home page of the automationbridge.

- When using HomeKit, this device will present as a native Garage Door.

- When using Google Assistant, this device will present as a native Garage Door.

- When using Alexa, this device will present as a Switch (as Alexa does not yet support Garage Door device types)