The Fibaro Smart Implant can be configured to function as a Garage Door device, along with the Virtual Garage Door plugin within the automationbridge. Each Implant can be setup to control up to 2 garage door's.

Connect Power to GND & P.

Connect the Sensor/Reed Switch to GND & IN1
Connect the OUT1 to the terminals on the GD Motor, usually the same ones going to the wall press button.

The following configuration steps must be taken, so that the device can function correctly.

Step 1 - Include/Add the Smart Implant into your Fibaro controller.

Step 2 - Once the Implant has been included into your network, click the configuration icon for the device.

Step 3 - Click the Advanced tab, scroll down to the section 'Advanced' and make sure that Controlled Device is set to 'Other Device' instead of 'Lighting'

Step 4 - Scroll down further to the section 'Control protection' and make sure that the input and output you are going to use is set to ON. This allows both the input and output to function independently from each other.

Step 5 - Modify the section 'Input Configuration' to select the correct type and sensor for detecting the door state (open/closed). We suggest selecting the Sensor type as 'Door sensor'. The Type can be either NC (Normally Closed) or NO (Normally Open) depending on the sensor device (reed switch you have wired in.

Step 6 - Save the changes made to the device, and then return to the main Fibaro interface, You will now see the Input configured as a door sensor.

Step 7 - Now we need to configure the switch device, to only come on for 3 seconds, this is to emulate the press of the button to action the garage door. Click the config icon on the Switch device of the Implant.

Click the Advanced tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, and locate Parameters 156 & 157. 

Parameter 156 is for Output 1, & 157 is for Output 2. Setting these to 3.5s will allow the switch to come on for 3.5 seconds and then turn back off, thus allowing the device to emulate a button press (see wiring diagram above).

Save the changes and return to the Fibaro main page.

This completes the setup required to allow the Implant to function as a Garage Door controller with the Virtual Garage Door Plugin.