✅ Fibaro HC2

✅ Fibaro HCL

***** It is a requirement of this plugin that the Intercom has been assigned a static IP address *****

* Before you being this process, please ensure that you have connected your Doorbird Intercom to your home network, and that you have created the required user account,  click here to see how to do this.

This guide assumes that you have already purchased the Doorbird plugin from within the automationbridge interface.

Step 1 - Click the Add button on the plugin page.

Step 2 - Enter the IP address of the intercom and the username and password for the account you created.

Step 3 - The automationbridge will now attempt to connect to your intercom and setup the required devices in Fibaro, when this has been successfully actioned you will get the following screen.

This page will show the following;

- It has created a VD, this will show the status of the Intercom, along with the buttons to release the Relay and turn on the IR LED.

- It will have also created the native Fibaro camera object, with all the correct settings.

- The intercom has been configured with the required actions for using the button press and motion detection.

Step 4 - Click Ok to proceed, and you will be presented with the Settings page for the plugin.

From this page you can do the following;

- Add another Intercom if you have more than one.

- Edit or Delete the intercom.

- Sync/Update any changes made on this page back to Fibaro and/or the Intercoms.

The base setup for the plugin is now complete and you will find that 2 devices have been added to your Fibaro controller.

You will note that a default name has been created for the intercom, this can be changed via the plugin settings page, just edit the intercom, and update the name. 

On this page you can also specify what scenes to run when either the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected.

When done, click the Update button, this will save the changes, and automatically update Fibaro. Now when you press the button, or motion is detected, the selected scenes will run.

Please Note : 3D Motion Sensor will need to be enabled on the Administration page of the Doorbird app for motion detection to work.

Within Fibaro you can also use the Relay and IRLED buttons in scenes as required, you will find these as buttons under the Virtual Device, for example,

Any button press and motion actions will also be recorded in the bridge logs, here is an example,