As from v0.392 of the automationbridge, you now have the ability to enable remote access, this will allow you to securely access and control your automationbridge remotely. All communication across the internet to the provided URL, and from the cloud server to your automationbridge is encrypted and secured using SSL.

To enable this feature, just make sure your automationbridge is up to date, and then head to the Settings page. 

It is a requirement of this feature that login security is enabled first, if this is not enabled, please see this article for more info on how to setup and use.

You will find the button to enable this, under the Remote Access section in the settings page.

You will then be asked to confirm the setup process, click the Yes button to proceed.

Once the remote access has been setup and activated, you will get a message like so, just click OK.

Now back on the Settings page, you will find that this is now active, along with the link that is unique to your automationbridge.

You can either bookmark this link for external access, or this can also be accessed via the portal. When you now log into this portal, the button to connect to your bridge will be available, and will use this direct URL.

When connecting to your bridge remotely, your will be required to enter your username and password, and the login page will show that its a remote connection.

Please Note : After 6 incorrect attempts, the remote IP address will be locked out for 30 minutes. This lockout process does not apply to direct local network access. If you need to reset this counter for any reason, you will need to restart the automationbridge.

You will also find log entries are created for each successful login/logout in the Bridge Logs (located in the top right menu when logged in).

If you find that remote access is not working, please check that your router/modem is allowing outbound connections on port 2293.