The automationbridge can be protected on your local network using a username (email address) and password. 

The username is the email address that you have registered your bridge with, and the password is the same one you used for the registration process.

To enable security, which is available from v0.315 onwards, go to the settings page, there is a new section,

A red cross indicates that security is not currently enabled, click Enable Security to proceed.

You will be asked to enter your password, the form will check to make sure that the passwords match before continuing. At this stage, if you do not remember the password that was used during registration, you can click the Reset Password link.

Once your password has been verified (it will advise if an incorrect password was used), the follow will be displayed.

When you click the OK button, it will reload and present you with the login screen, where you can now log into the automationbridge,

Enter your email address, and password and click Login, this will be checked against the registration database, and if correct you will then be presented with the home page.

Please note : While the automationbridge itself is not secured with a SSL certificate, when it checks against the registration database, this process is encrypted and protected by an SSL certificate to maintain your security.

To log out, and secure the bridge, click the menu icon at the top right of the page, and choose Logout,

Please Note : You will be automatically logged out after 15 minutes.

To disable the security (if required), just return to the settings page, you will see that the icon is now green to indicate that its enabled, just click the Disable Security button.