✅ Fibaro HC3 (v5.040 or greater)
✅ Fibaro HC2

✅ Fibaro HCL

The Philips Hue plugin will quickly add your Hue lights, groups (rooms) and sensors to your Fibaro controller, with full control.

What does this give me over the native Fibaro plugin?  This plugin will add in support for groups/rooms, and you will be able to use the created virtual devices in scenes. It also adds in support for Motion  & Temperature sensors.

* Before you being this process, please ensure that you have connected your Philips Hue Hub to your home network.
***** It is a requirement of this plugin that the Hue Hub has been assigned a static IP address *****

This guide assumes that you have already purchased the Hue plugin from within the automationbridge interface.

Step 1.

Click on the Add button under the Philips Hue icon on the plugins page.

Step 2.

Select the Hue Hub from the dropdown list, then press the Link button on the front of your Hue Hub, and click the Next button on screen.

Step 3.

The automationbridge will try to link with the Hue Hub, and if successful, the above message will be displayed, click Continue to proceed.

Step 4.

The automationbridge will now retrieve the available lights & groups (rooms) and set them up as Fibaro Virtual Devices.

Step 5.

When successful, a summary page will be shown, outlining the various lights/groups/sensors that have been found and setup within Fibaro.

Click OK to finish.

If you are using the Fibaro HCL/HC2 controller, you will find the following VD's have been created.
(example below)

You can now also include these devices in Scenes as required, an example below showing the available actions.

If you make changes to your Hue lights, add/remove or rename, just go back to the Settings page for the Hue plugin, and click the Sync button, and this will update the existing Virtual Devices, along with adding any new ones.

If you have more than one Hue Hub, the additional hubs can be added just by clicking the Add button at the top of the page.

If you have any Wall Switches or Motion Sensors, these will also show in their own section on this page, clicking the blue info icon will show a popup with the variable names that have been created.

Click here to see how to use the Motion Sensors in more detail

If you are using the Fibaro HC3 Controller, you will find that the lights and sensors have been added as native device types, where a Hue light/group has RGBW capabilities, it will be added as such in Fibaro.

If you have any Phillips Motion Sensors, these will be added along with their Temperature module.

Please note : The name's are automatically used from the Hue itself, if you need to rename the light/room, please do this within the Philips Hue app, and then perform a Sync.