Fibaro HC2

This guide assumes that you have already purchased the GlobalCache plugin from within the automationbridge interface, and that you have setup the iTach device on your network. 

In order for the automationbridge to always communicate with the iTach, please have your iTach device set to a static IP address.

Click the Add button to start the process to setup your iTach device.

Enter the IP address of your device, when you click next it will attempt to connect to the device.

If the bridge can successfully connect, you will receive the message above, and can continue with the setup,
the bridge will connect to the online database and retrieve the list of Brands available.

Choose the Brand of your device from the dropdown, and continue.

Choose the type of Device from the dropdown list and continue.

Select the Model from the dropdown and then enter a unique name for this device, and continue.

Your automationbridge will now connect to the online database, and download the IR codes for your selected device.


You will then get a confirmation screen when the device has been added, its list of available buttons. Click OK to continue.

This is the main settings page for the plugin, here you can add another IR device using the button at the top right. You can also delete the IR device, which will also remove it from your Fibaro controller.

You will now find that a new device has been created in your Fibaro controller, and will look like the above. When you first setup a device, it will be loaded with all the available buttons. You can customise this, to rename the buttons and choose what buttons that you need in this Device. 

Next Steps :

How to customise the Buttons in the Virtual Device

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