IR Activities are objects that have a sequence of IR actions (can be for multiple end devices, such as TV, STB) that have a defined ON and OFF action.

This device with its ON & OFF actions can then be enabled for your chosen voice platform, allowing you to say 'turn on {activity name}' and 'turn off {activity name}'

Once you have added your IR devices, click the button 'Add IR Activity' button from the Settings page of the plugin.

Enter the name for this Activity, this name will be used for the name of the Device in Fibaro.

On this page, you can now define the IR actions that make up this object. In the dropdowns you will find the devices and IR buttons 

that you have setup, just select the IR action and then click the Add button.

In this example, we have defined the ON action as turning on the TV, changing the Input to HDMI 3 and then setting the channel on the Fetch TV to 70.

At the top right of this page, you have two buttons that you can use to test your activity, we have noted that some TV's require the press of the power on and power off buttons more than once to register correctly.

You will now find that there is a new Virtual Device in your Fibaro controller, this can be used in scenes etc by using the pressButton action where button 1 = ON and button 2 = OFF.

This new device can now be enabled from the home page for your chosen voice platform, allowing you now to simply say 'hey google, turn on bedroom tv' or 'alexa turn on bedroom tv'