✅Fibaro HC3 (v5.040 or greater)
✅Fibaro HC2
✅Fibaro HCL

This guide assumes that you have already purchased the Intesis plugin from within the automationbridge interface, and that you have setup the Intesis device on your WiFi network.

Please Note : This plugin will only support the Intesis ASCII / WMP based controllers, not the IntesisHome range at this time.

Step 1 - Add the plugin via the Network Devices/Plugins page

Step 2 - Enter a name of this unit, and its IP address, and then click Next.

Step 3 - The automationbridge will then try to connect to the controller, and if successful the following will be displayed, click Next to proceed.

Step 4 - The Fibaro VD/Quick apps will be created for you, and confirmed.



Click OK to finish the setup, you will then be taken to the plugin settings page, from here you can add/remove any  additional Intesis controllers.

If you are running the Fibaro HCL/HC2 controller, you will find the following device has been added for control.

And also the following global variables, that can be used in scene logic, or as triggers.


FAN_XXXX : AUTO, 1, 2, 3, 4

If you are running the Fibaro HC3 Controller, you will find that a native HVAC device has been added.

Please note: While the Fibaro device shows both Heating & Cooling setpoints, the Intesis unit does not have this facility, so setting either will have the same effect of setting the single setpoint on the A/C unit.

Returning to the home page of the automationbridge, you will now be able to set this up for all 3 of the voice platforms, and it will be then presented as a native HVAC/climate control device.