✅Fibaro HC3 (v5.040 or greater)
✅Fibaro HC2
✅Fibaro HCL

This guide assumes that you have already purchased the iZone plugin from within the automationbridge interface, and that you have setup the iZone/MyZone controller on your network and have it working using the iZone app on your phone.

Step 1 - Add the plugin via the Network Devices/Plugins page

Step 2 - Enter the IP address of the iZone controller, and then click next.

Step 3 - The automationbridge will then connect to the controller, and retrieve the available zones. If successful you will presented with a screen like so, listing the controller and zones.

Step 4 - Click Next and the Fibaro devices will be created, and you will be taken to the Settings page for the plugin. Here you can perform a Sync, to update the Zone names if changed.

If you are using the Fibaro HCL/HC2 controllers, you will find the Virtual Devices have been created, for example.

There will be a VD for the main iZone controller, and then one for each zone. As the iZone platform can only run in one mode (Heat/Cool/Auto etc) any changes to a zone's mode will action this mode change on the master unit, and subsequently all zones.

Each Zone has its own ON/OFF actions which are the equivalent to the iZone Open/Closed states, along with their own setpoint.

If you are using the Fibaro HC3 controller, you will find that native HVAC devices have been added. For example,