If you have upgraded your controller from the Fibaro HC2 to HC3, you will need to perform a reset on your automationbridge and then setup again as new. This is required due to the substantial changes in the back-end of the Fibaro platform.

To do this, navigate to the Settings page on the bridge, and scroll to the bottom, click the button 'Reset all config and services to default'

Confirm this reset process and allow the automationbridge to reboot, then at the selection screen, choose the HC3 icon, and then proceed to setup the bridge.

Please Note the following:

- If you have previously setup Alexa & Google, you will need to re-enable the devices and then perform a sync (check for new devices with Google, and with Alexa you will need to perform a forget all devices and then a discover).

- If you have previously setup HomeKit, you will need to remove the AutoBridgeXXXX hub from the Apple Home app and then re-link, as the previously pairing cannot be re-used.

- Not all plugins are currently available for the HC3, due to the major changes in moving from Virtual Devices to Quick Apps. These will be added over the coming months.