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* Before you being this process, please ensure that you have connected your Sonos Speakers to your home network.

This guide assumes that you have already purchased the Sonos plugin from within the automationbridge interface. Also note this plugin will only work if your Sonos speakers are on the same subnet (network) as the automationbridge. This plugin will not work across different VLANS/subnets.

Step 1 - Click on the Add button under the Sonos icon on the plugins page.

Step 2 - The plugin will now be enabled, downloading any components that may be required. Click the Continue button.

Step 3 - The automationbridge will now scan you network and find the available Sonos Speakers.

Step 4 - Once the discovery process has finished, you are presented with the discovered devices, click Add on the device you wish to add, if you have more than one speaker just click the first one, and further can be added later.

Step 5 - The selected speaker will now be added to the system, and the Fibaro Virtual Device created.

Step 6 - Click Ok, and you will now be taken to the settings page for the plugin, from here you can add more speakers by clicking the Add button top right.

Here you can also perform a Sync, this updates all your Fibaro Virtual Devices with any changes to names and/or favourites from your Sonos speakers.

If you have a Fibaro HC2 controller, you will also have the section for Voice Announcements, click the Yellow button to set this up, click here for more info on how to use this.

In your Fibaro controller, you will now have a VD for each Sonos speaker, which will allow control, and also allow selection of your favourites.

If you wish to add in the Sonos functions to a scene, here is an example using the Block editor.

You will find the action buttons under the Virtual devices dropdown selector.

If you want to action the Sonos speaker from existing LUA code, the just use 

fibaro:call({id}, "pressButton", "{button number}");


{id} is the ID number of the Virtual Device

{button number} is the button you want to action

    6 = ON

    7 = OFF

   and so on.