As from v0.408 of the automationbridge, there is a new version of the Sonos Plugin, this is a re-write of the existing plugin, and can now be found in the Available Plugins section on the Network Devices/Plugins page.

This update adds in the ability to use your Sonos speaker(s) for voice announcements for both HC2 and HCL controllers. To update your current plugin to the new version, just click the Settings icon under the Sonos logo.

This will take you to the new Plugin settings page, from here click the Yellow upgrade button at the top right of the page.

Please proceed thru the confirmation screens, and when the update has been completed, you will be returned back to the Settings page, where you will find a new section for the Voice Announcements. 

If you find that no speakers are listed in the Voice section, just click the Sync button top right.

To find out how to use the Voice Announcement system, please click here to read the setup & usage guide