A Fibaro relay device and any door/window/tilt sensor can be configured to function as a Garage Door device, along with the Virtual Garage Door plugin within the automationbridge.

Connect Power to L & N.

Connect the Q & I to the terminals on the GD Motor, usually the same ones going to the wall press button.

Fit your Door/Window sensor as you would to any door.

You can also use a Tilt Sensor fitted directly to the Garage Door.

The following configuration steps must be taken, so that the device's can function correctly and be used with the Virtual Garage Door Plugin.

Step 1 - Configure the Switch module, by clicking on its config icon.

Step 2 -  Click the Advanced tab, scroll down to the section 'Advanced' and make sure that Controlled Device is set to 'Other Device' instead of 'Lighting'

Step 3 - Scroll further down to locate the setting for auto-off, this is usually called Timer Functionality and may vary device to device. Enable this setting and set to 3 seconds.

This completes the setup for the switch module.