We are aware of certain cases where Google Assistant stops working, and responds with 'sorry I am unable to reach automationbridge' or similar. This is caused by a failure or break in the account linking process.

To fix this issue, all you need to do is un-link and then re-link the automationbridge skill in the Google Home app, please follow the instructions below to perform this process.

Step 1 - Open the Google Home app, and then click on the person icon at the bottom right.

Step 2 - Select the More Settings menu item.

Step 3 - Select the Assistant option along the top menu bar.

Step 4 - Select the Home Control menu item.

Step 5 - Click the three dots menu icon at the top right of this page, and then select Manage accounts.

Step 6 - Click the automationbridge icon, and then select Unlink account.

This will complete the un-linking process. Now to re-link the skill, repeat steps 1 thru 4, and then click the plus icon at the bottom right of the page.

Locate the automationbridge skill in the list, click to start the linking process and then enter your automationbridge account email and password..