RF Activities are objects that have a sequence of RF actions (can be for multiple end devices, such as Blinds, Awnings) that have a defined ON and OFF action.

This device with its ON & OFF actions can then be enabled for your chosen voice platform, allowing you to say 'turn on {activity name}' and 'turn off {activity name}' or open {activity name}' and 'close {activity name}'

Start on the Settings page of the Broadlink plugin, bu clicking the Add button in the Activities section.

Give the Activity a name, in the example above I am going to create an activity that opens and closes 2 blinds.

On the left hand side, select the remote and button you want sent, and click the Add button, repeat for all of the required actions for ON, repeat on the right hand side for the OFF actions.

When complete it will look something like the above, with a sequence of RF actions for each ON & OFF. You will find buttons at the top right, where you can test the sequences to make sure they are correct and as expected.

You will also find this Activity in your Fibaro controller, as a Virtual Device with the ON & OFF buttons. This can now be included into your chosen voice platform by enabling on the home page of the automationbridge.