This factory reset procedure has been added as of v0.367. 

It will allow you to reset your bridge, if you are unable to access it on your network due to incorrect IP address settings, or if you have changed your network addressing.

Step 1 - Connect a USB keyboard and HDMI Monitor to the automationbridge.

Step 2 - Connect power to the automationbridge.

Step 3 - Wait for the 3 dots to show up on screen, this will indicate correct startup.

Step 4 - Press the Escape key on the keyboard, and wait for the login prompt.

Step 5 - Enter the username reset

Step 6 - Enter the password reset

Step 7 - The following menu will then show on screen

Press 1 to reset the bridge to factory defaults, this will clear all existing settings for your controller, and set the bridge back to DHCP.

The bridge will then reboot, you can disconnect the USB keyboard and HDMI monitor now.

If you are unable to login as the reset user, this means that your bridge is not up to date, please contact Skaro Technology for support.