You can now setup multiple bridges to use the same email account. Please follow the below steps when setting up your subsequent automationbridge device.

Start with visiting the portal, and selecting to setup a new bridge.

You are then presented with a selection screen, to confirm and select the bridge to setup.

Register the device as normal, entering your existing username and password that was used to setup your first automationbridge.

Complete the verification process as normal, and then continue to setup your automationbridge.

Now, when logging into the portal, you will see a extra section at the top of the page, this will allow you to switch between the bridges associated with this account.

You can also assign a Alias (Name) to each of your bridges, this will be shown each time you are required to select a bridge, for example when linking to Google / Alexa.

Now when you link your automationbridge to either Google or Alexa, you will be presented with a screen to select the bridge you want to connect, Login as usual with your username and password for your account.

You will now be asked to select the desired bridge to be connected to, this will then only setup the devices from the selected bridge.

Please Note : At this time, you can only select one bridge at a time to link to Google & Alexa. 

It is not currently possible to have Google or Alexa control devices on two different bridges at the same time.