The Google Voice Notification service for Homey, allows you to broadcast notifications from your Homey controller to alert users of events or actions, for example announce that someone has opened a door, or that a door is still open after an amount of time.

To set this up, please follow the steps below.

On the Settings page of the bridge, enable the service.

This will then start up the service, and scan for available Google Assistant devices, when complete the following screen will display.

To specify which devices are enabled for notifications, this can be done from the Settings page, by enabling the discovered devices as required. If you add or remove more Assistant devices, just click the Re-Scan button to have these found and enabled (or removed if no longer online).

From the settings page, you can also perform a 'Test Announcement' in your selected language. 

You can also change the language by clicking the 'Change Language' button, and select from the following (Italian, Dutch,German,Swedish,Spanish,French,Danish & Norwegian)

Finally, to use the service from your Homey controller your specific url will be shown at the bottom of this section. You will also need the plugin called HTTP request flow cards from the Athom App Store.

Once this plugin has been installed, you can then use the service in your Flows, just by dragging the HTTP request flow card into your Flow's 'then' column, choosing the GET action, copy and paste the URL from the settings page on your bridge into the input field in the GET object, replacing {your text here} with the text you want announced.

The example above sends a voice notification (this is a test message) when the TestVoice switch is turned on.