Panels are for use with wall mounted tablets (Android/iOS) where you can define a layout of buttons for your various actions, devices and scenes. These also support custom url's to be setup on buttons for display of 3rd party systems & displays from other websites.

To get started, navigate to the Panels tab of the automationbridge interface, and click the Add Panel button, you can add multiple panel configurations if you have multiple tablets around your home. Each can have its own devices, colouring and fonts.

Enter a name of this panel, then click the Add button

Now select the grid icon to the right of the name of the panel you just created,

Select the object you wish to display from the drop down, then click the Add button to the right,

You can also choose the background colour, button colour and the font to be used, when making any changes, make sure to click the Save Changes button. If you want to revert back to the default colours & fonts, just click the Revert to Defaults button.

Once you have selected and added the object you want to see, you can re-arrange by drag and drop. You can also edit each object, making such changes as hiding the name, and remove it from the panel if no longer required.

If you have a scene selected, there is an extra option when you edit the item, called 'Requires Confirmation' this will add in a extra step, rather than just running the scene when pressed.

This will then be indicated on the panel layout with a padlock symbol,

You can preview the panel before setting up on a tablet, just click the button at the top right of the page

This will then show a pop-up window with exactly what the tablet view will be,

When you are ready to setup on a tablet, just follow the instructions at the bottom of the Panels tab,