The new Amazon Alexa skill is now available for all automationbridge users. This skill adds in support for Colour control of RGBW lights, Door Locks (although Alexa limits you to the unlock command only), Temperature Sensors, with more device types to come very soon.

This Skill will enable those with Echo Gen 2's (and newer Echo devices, 3rd Party assistants such as Sonos One) that have previously been un-able to use these with the automationbridge, due to these having a different discovery method, which no longer supports local network discovery.

Why have we made the change? The current Alexa implementation in the bridge was based on an Emulated Philips Hue bridge, which was able to advertise devices locally, essentially as lights. This also limited the device types that we were able to support.

How do I make the change to the new Skill ? Just follow these instructions below.

1.    On your Alexa app, Forget all devices.

2.    Update your automationbridge to the latest version, this can be done from the About page, click the Check for Update button, then the Install Update button.

3.    Once the update has been applied, navigate to the Settings page, and disable the old Alexa service, the one that says (Emulated Hue),

4.    Now enable the new service, Amazon Alexa (Skill),

5.    You will now need to return to the home page and enable your required devices, previously enabled devices are not able to be automatically enabled due to the changes required in the new service.

6.    Once you have enabled your required devices, go to the Amazon Alexa (Skill) tab at the top of the page, this will confirm the devices you have enabled, it will also show you the commands that are available for the various device types.

Information re the linking process is at the bottom of this page, but here are direct links ;

Fibaro :

Vera :

The following commands are available

    Turn on the [name]
    Turn off the [name]
    Dim the [name] to X%
    Turn down the [name] to X%
    Brighten the [name] to X%
    Turn up the [name] to X%
    Make the [name] [colour]
    Set my [name] to [color]

    Turn on [scene name]

    (Doorlocks) Lock the [name]
    (Temperature Sensors) Whats the temperature in the [name]

If you have enabled a roller/blind or garage door device, please use the following commands (as Alexa does not support Open/Close at this time)
    Turn on the [name] = Close
    Turn off the [name] = Open