Fibaro HC2

Once you have discovered the Harmony Hub and purchased the plugin, You will now have the Add button enabled. 

Please note that if you have not set the bridge to use a Static IP address via the Settings page, the Add button will not be visible.

Press the Add button on the Harmony Hub line, and it will be enabled, and your bridge will then restart to complete the process.

Once your bridge has restarted, you will find a new tab along the top 'Harmony Hub', click on this and you will see the Hub's that have been discovered, along with their activities,

You can now add an activity to your Fibaro controller, just click the Add button to the right of the activity, you will then be asked to confirm this addition.

Click Add to continue, and the activity will be created as a Virtual Device, and confirm this by advising the device ID.

In your Fibaro controller, in the Device view, under Unassigned, you will now find the device that was created, you can now assign this to a room if you wish.

When you now go back to the main page of the bridge, you will see this activity, and can enable it for your voice service, and then use the command to 'turn on {activity name}', for example with the activity above and Alexa, the command would be 'Alexa, turn on Seven'.

You can also turn off the activity, if the activity has been setup with the off actions in Harmony Hub.

The Status will show if this is the current activity on your Hub.

If you want to include this device in scenes, you will need to use the pressButton action in a LUA Scene.

ON : fibaro:call({ID}, "pressButton", "1")

OFF : fibaro:call({ID}, "pressButton", "2")