Fibaro HC2
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The automationbridge now has support for adding Sonos devices to your Fibaro controller.

To start the process, on the Network devices tab of the bridge, perform a 'Scan Network action, this will search your local network and display any Sonos devices that are found.

When this process has finished, they will be displayed as below. If you have not already purchased the plugin, a BUY button will be displayed, once this purchase has been completed, this button will change to ADD.

Click the ADD button to start the process, this will download the required files for the plugin (this will only occur the first time you add a Sonos device), the following screen will display when this has been actioned and successfull.

Click the Continue Setup button, this will then connect to the Sonos device, retrieving any Favourites/My Sonos that have been added, and the Fibaro Virtual Device will be created, adding any buttons for these favourites. This will then be confirmed to you as below, along with the Virtual Device ID.

In your Fibaro controller, you will now find that the VD has been created, and will show like this.

If you add/remove favourites to your My Sonos listing, there is a quick way to update your Fibaro object, on the Network Devices tab, after the device has been added, there is a Sync/Update button, click this will refresh the VD with any changes.

Note : If you want to have control of a device, or have a device play a Favourite from a voice command, I would suggest that you create a Virtual Device, calling it the name you will use, eg 'Office Nova', add a single button with a name of ON.

Then in the code for the ON button, add in the command as shown below, changing the ID (837) to the ID of your device, and the button number is found by counting from the top most label 'Status', counting each label/slider/button down the the one you want.

This new Virtual device 'Office Nova' will then show on the automationbridge home page to be enabled, and then you can usse your chosen voice service to say 'Turn on Office Nova'

Please Note, this is an initial release of the plugin, some features may not be supported on the various model of Sonos, please submit a Help Request from within the bridge, so that these features can be investigated and added in to the Plugin.