✅ Fibaro HC2

✅ Fibaro HCL

The LIFX plugin will quickly add your LIFX lights to your Fibaro controller, with full control of brightness& colour selection.

* Before you being this process, please ensure that you have connected your LIFX lights to your home WiFi, and have then setup in the LIFX app. Also note this plugin will only work if the LIFX lights are on the same subnet (network) as the automationbridge. This plugin will not work across different VLANS/subnets.

This guide assumes that you have already purchased the LIFX plugin from within the automationbridge interface.

Step 1.

Click the Add button under the LIFX logo to begin.

Step 2.

Follow the instructions to obtain your token from the LIFX Cloud and then paste this into the entry field, and click Next.

Step 3.

The automationbridge will then attempt to connect to the LIFX Cloud, and if successful, display the lights that have been found, click Next.

Step 4.

The discovered lights will then be added as Virtual Devices to your Fibaro controller, and will show a confirmation for each light.

If you now go to your Fibaro controller, you will find the added devices, in the Unassigned group. You can then change the icon as desired, and/or add to the correct room.

This is a simple white light.

This is a RGB/Coloured light with presents.

The Fibaro VD will update itself with the current on/off status and brightness level from the LIFX Cloud platform every 10 seconds.

** If you make changes in the future to add/remove lights and change light names, see this article https://skaro.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/33000219712-making-changes-to-lifx-lights