✅ Fibaro HC3 (v5.040 or greater)
✅ Fibaro HC2

✅ Fibaro HCL

The LIFX plugin will quickly add your LIFX lights to your Fibaro controller, with full control of brightness& colour selection.

* Before you being this process, please ensure that you have connected your LIFX lights to your home WiFi, and have then setup in the LIFX app. Also note this plugin will only work if the LIFX lights are on the same subnet (network) as the automationbridge. This plugin will not work across different VLANS/subnets.

This guide assumes that you have already purchased the LIFX plugin from within the automationbridge interface.

Step 1 - Click the Add button under the LIFX logo to begin.

Step 2 - Click on the blue 'Connect my LIFX Account Now' button, this will then redirect you to the LIFX account portal, to authenticate.

Step 3 - Sign into the LIFX portal using your email address and password (this is your LIFX account)

Step 4 - you will then be asked to Authorise the access, click the AUTHORISE button to continue.

Step 5 - This will then be processed and you will be redirected back to your automationbridge to continue the setup, showing you the lights available, click Next

Step 6 - The discovered lights will then be added as Virtual Devices to your Fibaro controller, and will show a confirmation for each light.

Step 7 - Click the OK button, and you will be taken to the settings page for the plugin, from here you can perform a Sync, if you have updated the names of your lights in LIFX, or added more.

If you now go to your Fibaro HC2/HCL controller (see HC3 further down), you will find the added devices, in the Unassigned group. You can then change the icon as desired, and/or add to the correct room.

This is a simple white light.

This is a RGB/Coloured light with presents.

If you now go to your Fibaro HC3 controller, you will see the devices have been added as a native Light device type, with brightness and colour selection (if its a RGBW light), for example.