First of all connect the automationbridge to your home network using the supplied network cable. Then connect the power supply.

The automationbridge will then automatically start up, please wait for 2-3 minutes for this to happen, then using a web-browser go to

You will then be prompted to register your device, this will then send you a verification email to complete the setup process, click the link in the email to finalise the setup and then you will be directed to the home page of the automationbridge.

You will then be prompted to select your home automation platform, click the image for the Fibaro Home Center or Home Center Lite.

Next, enter the details for your Fibaro controller, select your time zone, and enable the required services.

Upon completing the page, and clicking Next, it will make sure that it can connect to your controller, and if successful, will prompt you to reboot the device.

Please wait until the reboot is complete, You will then be presented with the home page of the bridge.

It is highly recommended that you set a static IP address on the bridge, this can be actioned from the Settings page, change the IP Mode dropdown to STATIC and ensure that the correct network settings are entered as below.

Click the Update IP Settings button and then let the bridge restart.

Once the bridge has restarted, you can then enable the required devices from the home page by clicking the slider to enable as needed, when all devices have been enabled, make sure to click the button to apply the changes.

When you are ready to add this to your iOS Home app, click the tab along the top of the page, labelled iOS HomeKit.

Here you will find the QR code and homekit code to add the bridge to your iOS Home app. 

Refresh Names – forces the bridge to update its names, should these be changed in Fibaro (note this does happen automatically every 10 minutes).

Show Logs – This will show the commands that have been received by the bridge and sent on to your Fibaro system.

Reset – This will reset the Homekit backend, disabling all devices, and generating a new code. If this is done, you will need to remove the old AutoBridgeXXXX from your Home app and re-add it using the new code.

Open the app on your phone/ipad and from the Home page on the app, press the + button at the top right, 

Choose Add Accessory, 

You can hold the camera on your device up to the screen and the code will scan (you will get a warning that this is an Uncertified Accessory, just press Add Anyway to continue)

Continue thru the setup process by pressing the Next button, at the top right, assigning devices to rooms as required.

Once this is complete, you will find your enabled Fibaro devices on the Home app, and these can now be controlled by the App & Siri.